ACE Documents & Policies

ACE Learning uses Microsoft SharePoint to store Trust documents. All documents are published to the public and should be accessible to you from any internet connected device.

If you are unable to access these documents, or should you wish to have paper copies of any of our policies or documents, then please make your request via the Contact Us page.

General Policies

General policies related to the running of ACE Learning and the schools that form part of it can be found on the ACE SharePoint:

Curriculum Policies

Curriculum policies that govern the member schools teaching of individual subjects, teaching and learning and homework can be found on the ACE SharePoint:

Financial Documents

The Annual Accounts for ACE Learning are published each year. They can be found on the ACE SharePoint:

Statutory Documents

Statutory documents related to the governance of ACE Learning can be found on the ACE SharePoint:

More information on this can be found on the Leadership & Governance page.

Minutes of Meetings

Detailed minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees (BoT) are kept by our Clerk to Trustees.

Minutes are available on request from the Trust office.

Staffing Policies

To view the folder you must be logged on with your staff account and have previously accessed the ACE SharePoint.

Please log on here before accessing the ACE SharePoint.

If you receive an Access Denied error, please request access from the IT Administrator.

Staff of ACE Learning schools can access Staffing Policies through the ACE SharePoint: