A Guide to My Child At School (via the App)

Download and Set Up the MyChildAtSchool App

To download the MyChildAtSchool Parent App search for MCAS Parent App on your mobile phone via your app store or use one of the links below:

MyChildAtSchool – Parent App on the the iOS App Store

MyChildAtSchool – Parent App on the the Google Play Store

Once downloaded the MyChildatSchool App icon will appear on your phone’s Home Screen:

Tap the icon to open the app and, if asked, allow notifications – this will allow the school to send instant notifications to your phone when a new message has been sent.

You will then be asked to create a 5-digit PIN and complete the setup by confirming your biometric authentication settings (if applicable to your phone).

When prompted choose Username and Password from the Login with… page:

If you have an Invitation Code that you have not redeemed please skip to this section to complete the sign up process.

If you have already redeemed you Invitation Code or signed up using a web browser continue to enter the School ID [Furley Park 12329 or Hamstreet 12328], Username and Password (you set this when you redeemed your Invitation Code).

Once these have been added, they will be stored securely within the app. You will not need to enter them again, simply enter your 5 digit PIN or use your biometric authentication to open the app.

Getting around the App

A toolbar is permanently displayed at the bottom of the app and all navigation is performed using the toolbar icons, the components of which are described below:

Simply tap an icon to open the feature. To navigate from one feature to another simply tap on the required toolbar icon. A brief description of the functionality of each is described below:

My Child

Tapping the My Child icon will present a student page and a menu icon from which all available student pages may be accessed. To change to a different student page, tap the menu icon or swipe to the right to reveal the Main Menu. (The name of the student along with photo, if available, will show and a dropdown arrow will appear to enable the user to switch child, if appropriate).

Attendance (on the Main Menu)

Year to date attendance is displayed as a pie chart in the lower pane. Today’s attendance is displayed in the upper pane. Tap the day
to reveal a calendar, which will display a colour for each day according to your child’s attendance for that day. Navigation arrows are available to change month and simply tap a day to view the attendance for that day.

Data Collection Form (on the Main Menu)

The Data Collection Form shows you the personal information we hold about your child. You are able to edit this information to ensure that the school has the most up to date information available for you and your child.

When you tap Edit Details you will be asked to choose between editing your child’s details or your own:

If you choose Student – you are able to edit the following information:

  • Preferred First Name
  • Preferred Last Name
  • Former Last Name (if applicable)
  • Date of Birth
  • Address Details (enter a postcode and click Find)
  • Gender
  • Country of Birth
  • Languages Spoken
  • Religious Affiliation
  • Ethnicity
  • Nationality

The following Medical Information can be added or edited:

  • NHS Number
  • Blood Group
  • Emergency Consent to School (for emergency treatment in the event we cannot contact you)
  • Paramedical Support (Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy)
  • Medical Conditions (Hayfever, Astham, Diabetes, Allergies etc.)
  • Disabilities (Problems with mobility, hearing, vision etc.)
  • Doctors Surgery (Choose Other and search by postcode if you cannot find the correct surgery)

When you have made changes to the form tap Submit Changes.

Please note – Any amendments will first be approved by school administration staff before any records are permanently updated. Amendments that are not approved will revert back to their original state.

If you choose Personal – You are also able to edit the following information about yourself:

  • Title
  • Relationship to Child
  • Member of the UK Armed Forces
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Home Address

When you have made changes to the form click Submit Changes.

Please note – Any amendments will first be approved by school administration staff before any records are permanently updated. Amendments that are not approved will revert back to their original state.

Messages (on the Main Menu)

We do not currently use this feature.

Reports (on the Main Menu)

This page will contain end of term reports and any letters or documents that the school has published to MyChildatSchool. Depending on the format of the report and type of phone being used, you may have to select the desired format before viewing or downloading. Further options according to the device may be available, such as printing and saving.

Academic Calendar (on the Main Menu)

This page will display as One Day to View. Tap on the day the to view the month at a glance and navigate through the months by tapping the calendar directional arrows to see holidays and school events.

Parental Consent (on the Main Menu)

Coming Soon – this page will be used to display what consents you have granted the school with regards to your child at school. You will be able to grant consent online for things like school visits, publishing of photographs and videos and Internet access at school.

School Documents (on the Main Menu)

The School Documents page will show important documentation that the school has published for individuals, groups or whole school purposes.


The Announcements page will show any announcements that have been published by the school office. If you have enabled notifications, you will receive a notification when this happens.


We do not currently use this feature.


If you have more than one account, for example both parents will have different usernames but you want to have them on one device, you can add another account here.

Click the + at the top right of screen. Then select Redeem Invitation Code if accessing for the first time or enter your School ID, Username and Password once you have the completed the Redeem Invitation Code Process.


Here you can change your PIN, account password and view contact information for the school.

Topping Up Your School Dinner Account (via the app)

From the side menu choose Dinner Money: (You can access the side menu by tapping the three line menu button)

This page will show the current balance for the pupil selected (each of your children will have a separate balance, you can switch between your children using the side menu drop down menu).

To top-up your balance enter a deposit amount and then tap Add to Basket.

The shopping basket will automatically open and you will have the option to clear the basket or proceed to the checkout. Tap the green Checkout button to make payment:

Enter your Payment Details on the following page:

Tap the Confirm & Pay button. Once verified and paid a confirmation message will be given and your Credit Balance will update.

How to Redeem an Invitation Code (via the app)

After creating a 5-digit PIN and completing biometric authentication settings (if applicable to your phone) you will be prompted to choose Username and Password from the Login with… page:

On the next page select Redeem Invitation Code:

On the Redeem Your Invitation Code page enter your:

  1. School ID [Furley Park 12329 | Hamstreet 12328].
  2. Username [Found in your MCAS invitation email from the school].
  3. Invitation Code [Found in your MCAS invitation email from the school].
  4. Click on the Redeem Code button.

And finally complete the Setup Your Account Details page with:

  1. The email address you wish to use with MCAS and confirm it.
  2. A password [Please note, your password must have 8 or more characters, 1 uppercase character, 1 numeric character and 1 special character.] and re-enter it to confirm it.
  3. Click the Save Account Details button.

The app will now you log you in and you will be able to see details about your child. Please see Getting Around the App for more instructions about using the MCAS app.

You can read more about MCAS on the Bromcom Support Site.

If you have any questions or need any help using the MCAS App, please contact the school office.